Client Information


Client Information


(This step is only performed at the request of the client)

Our staff can do reference checking quickly and efficiently. The process will include any specific questions you would like us to ask. Information gathered is passed on to our clients just as we hear it and will include the name and phone number of any individual we contact.

Our Experience

“The management team at XIN Consulting Group are well poised to serve your needs. With over 30 years of experience working in the mining industry, the XIN Consulting Group understand mining industry particulars such as shaft sinking, stopping, pillar recovery, long hole, open pit or exploration. Our experience, combined with our tenacity and professionalism, will serve your company well as you search for the personnel you require to create and maintain a strong reliable team.”

Final Details

The hiring process often requires handling unusual details that may not seem terribly important to an outsider, but may be critical to the candidate. One example is providing information on school systems or recreational facilities in a community. Another would be to work through a vacation issue in which a new employee may have planned a vacation months in advance, only to find that the date of departure is now the beginning of his/her third week of employment. Whatever the circumstance, we will work with both the candidate 20and management to uncover and such details early, and find a solution.


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